DayTrip Rising Sun, IN

Rising Sun, IN

Rising Sun is a diverse area of Indiana that identifies as a small river town with big town amenities. This is the perfect destination for animal lovers, and a perfect chance to enjoy Snappy Tomato’s VEGGIE PIZZA at one of our area locations.

Mac’s Seaplane Service | (812) 727-8822

Start your trip with Mac’s Seaplane Service. These impeccably maintained, vintage seaplanes provide a beautiful, fun and unique aviation experience as you tour the scenic Ohio River valley. You will catch breathtaking glimpses of the Rising Sun Casino, bridges, barges and multiple downtowns.

Redwolf Sanctuary | (812) 438-2306

Visit Redwolf Sanctuary and encounter wolves, coyotes, red foxes, bobcats, elk, black bears and skunks. These animals are all indigenous to North America, and the sanctuary strives to maintain as natural of habitats for them as possible. Tours are by appointment only, so you have to plan ahead on this one.

Rabbit Hash, Kentucky | (859) 586-7744

The next animal we get to see is Brynn, the Mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky, a short drive from Rising Sun. Brynneth Pawltro-Bamforth is the first American pit bull terrier to be elected Mayor. One of her favorite local spots is the General Store, home to specialty gifts and a trip through history. The once bustling Kentucky hillside town has utilized the Rabbit Hash General Store since 1831.

Big Bone Lick State Park | (859) 384-3522

Our last planned visit is to Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, a National Natural Landmark famous for its salt springs, mineral pools and swampy marshes that were visited by prehistoric creatures of all types. Travel the Discovery Trail to learn about the history of the park and its prehistoric visitors. Today the park is home to nature hikes, paddle boats, fishing and more. There are even picnic areas available so you can enjoy your Snappy Tomato Pizza to go.

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Additional Adventures

Ohio County Historical Museum
(812) 438-4915

Housed in a 19th centuryplow factory, the museum’s displays focus on the 1800’s and early 20th century life and events. The museum has thefinest historical collection insoutheastern Indiana.

Rising Star Ferry
(812) 438-1234

This ferry is owned and operated by Rising Star Casino, and offers a quick way to travel between Rising Sun, Indiana and Rabbit Hash, Kentucky.

Boone County Cliffs State Nature
(502) 573-2886

Boone Cliffs is 74 acres of old growth forest and unique 20 to 40 foot cliff formations located in Burlington, Kentucky. There are unpaved trails ratedmoderate to difficult availablefor hiking and amazing photo opportunities.

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