Our Story

Snappy Started At A Race Track, Got His College Education, And Is Pushing The Century Mark.

Believe it or not, Snappy Tomato Pizza was started on a bet. The bet was placed at a local horse racing track by a man who dreamed of having his own pizzeria but didn’t have quite enough money. The horse he couldn’t resist betting on was named Snappy Tomato. After Snappy Tomato won the race, the man used his winnings to open his pizzeria, which he named in honor of the horse that made it possible. From that single Snappy Tomato Pizza location, there are now more than 40 Snappy Tomato locations across five states. That’s impressive growth and it’s because Snappy Tomato Pizza, right from the opening of that first location, has always offered a point of difference.


Our Point Of Difference

At every Snappy Tomato Pizza, we start the day fresh. It would be easier to use frozen dough as many of the chains do, but we make ours fresh each morning. The same is true for our cheese—always fresh, never frozen. And with a name like Snappy Tomato, you better have the very freshest vine-ripened tomatoes. Ours are picked fresh, packed, and canned to make our award winning sauce all within six hours, so they're literally right out of the garden.

Snappy Goes To College

People are always telling us they love our sauce. We’re not surprised. Our Snappy Tomato red sauce was the winner in a taste test conducted with students at the University of Michigan. In fact, of the sauces tested, Snappy sauce was the overwhelming favorite. This winning sauce recipe is only known by a select few. In fact, not since The Colonel’s 11 herbs and spices, has there been a recipe this good or this secret. So if you’re picky about your pizza (and who isn’t), try one of Snappy Tomato’s signature pizzas—The Beast, Snapperoni, or The Ranch Pizza. The taste will tell you why more and more people are saying: Make it Snappy.