Daytrip Adams County

Adams County, OH

Adams County is just 55 miles south east of Cincinnati, and calls itself a patchwork of history and nature. Improve your adventure here by enjoying a classic SNAPPERONI PIZZA from our Seaman or West Union locations.

William Lafferty Funeral and Carriage Collection and Museum | (937) 544-2121

Let’s start our visit to West Union, Ohio with something extraordinary... a trip to the William Lafferty Funeral and Carriage Collection Museum. You read that right – the Funeral Museum and Funeral Carriage Collection.

Filled with hundreds of well-maintained components of American funeral service heritage, this is one stop that is guaranteed to satisfy your bucket list.

Adams County Heritage Center | (937) 544-8522

Staying with the heritage and history theme, our next stop will be the Adams County Heritage Center, home to a museum, genealogical collection, post office and log house. They are open Thursday and Saturday from 12 pm – 4 pm.

Adams Lake State Park | (937) 393-4284

From history to nature, West Union, Ohio is at the edge of the Appalachian Preserve and adjacent to the Adams Lake State Park. The Adams Lake State Park is located in Ohio’s Bluegrass Region and is one of the most scenic and biologically interesting areas in all of Ohio. Take a hike along the graveled trails, stroll through the woods or skip some stones in the lake. New to Adams Lake is the opportunity to camp the country. This is your chance to enjoy your Snappy Tomato Pizza under the stars.

Serpent Mound | (937) 587-2796

Serpent Mound is the largest surviving example of a prehistoric effigy mound in the world. Stretching 1,348 feet over the ground, the earthwork was created anywhere between 1,000 and 2,000 years ago and depicts an immense serpent. The effigy’s creators and the purpose of its creation remain a mystery.

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Additional Adventures

Edge of Appalachia Preserve System
(937) 544-2880

One of the most biodiverse natural areas in the region, the preserve system is one of the largest privately-owned preserves east of the Mississippi. Four of its eleven preserves have been recognized as National Natural Landmarks.

Miller’s Bakery & Furniture
(937) 544-8524

This Amish family-owned business attracts folks from hundreds of miles away. The furniture store alone has 34,000 square feet under one roof, with separate buildings for the bakery and bulk foods.

Speed of Light Laser Tag
(937) 402-4910

Enjoy a round of futuristic laser tag with the family in a large fog-filled, space-themed indoor arena. Speed of Light also offers over forty carnival-style ticket redemption arcade games. This is the perfect activity if you’re in town on a rainy day.

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