Why Snappy?

Get Ready To Get Lucky

Snappy Tomato Pizza is headquartered in Kentucky - home of bluegrass, white picket fences, and thoroughbred horses. Dreams are often realized at our Kentucky racetracks. So it's not surprising that some years ago a young man went to the track hoping to win enough to open a pizza restaurant. One horse on the racing card caught his attention. That horse's name was Snappy Tomato. The young man thought it would be a great name for his pizza parlor and put all his money on Snappy Tomato to win. It did. And Snappy Tomato Pizza was born. Just as Snappy Tomato the thoroughbred won for him, Snappy Tomato Pizza the franchise can win for you. Here's why:

Flexible Concept

At Snappy Tomato we have two proven franchise models. Our franchising team will work with you to determine the model that's right for you and your location:

  • A delivery/carryout (del-co) model that emphasizes high volume and quick service.
  • A full sit-down buffet model with that also offers delivery and carry out.

Distinctive Products

The more you research the pizza business, the more you'll see distinctive products are your most valuable assets. Snappy's signature pizzas are all branded, market tested, and deliver exceptional taste and value.

  • The Beast. Our signature pizza is the equivalent of three large pizzas. It delivers big sales to schools, businesses, and team parties, just to name a few.
  • The Junior Beast. Perfect for a family with several small children. There's nothing on the market that can compete with the Junior Beast.
  • Snapperoni Specialty Pizza. Pepperoni is by far America's most popular pizza topping. Snappy's version - the Snapperoni - has the perfect blend of extra pepperoni and cheese. It's a definite crowd pleaser.
  • The Ranch Specialty Pizza. Made with a base of our signature Ranch dressing and topped with just the right amount of cheese, bacon, tomato, onion and green pepper, that creates a unique flavor profile, The Ranch has developed a large and loyal following.

Opportunity for Expansion

There are Snappy stores in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, and New Mexico. While we have a lot of stores in a lot of states, there are a lot of markets available - for a single store or for multiple stores. Few franchises offer you such a wide geographic choice. Chances are good you can locate in the area you've dreamed of. What's even better, if your dreams are big, really big, and you have the financial resources for a larger play, you might want to consider becoming a multi-unit franchisee.