Our Process

Our Process Revolves Around You

Unlike many franchise operations where you're forced to fit the corporate mold, Snappy Tomato offers flexibility. We know each of our current franchisees are different. Your situation will be different, too. So instead of putting you through a bunch of needless steps, we learn your situation and build a customized plan to help you best take advantage of your unique opportunity.

Customized Plan

That plan starts by inviting you to attend the Snappy Discovery Day. This is your opportunity to meet and get to know the corporate support staff. It's our opportunity to get a deeper understanding of what you're looking to achieve with your store. From the information we gain in this meeting, we'll put together a customized plan, just for you.

What's Included

Again, it depends on your unique situation, but most plans deal with these key areas:

  • Site selection
  • Lease review
  • Interior and exterior design
  • Equipment layout
  • Equipment sources - both new and used
  • On-going management and hourly training
  • Bulk purchasing discounts
  • Pre-opening and grand-opening assistance
  • On-going marketing assistance
  • Technology support
  • Operational reviews
  • Cost-control support

Executing the Plan

Making the plan a reality is joint effort between you and the franchise support staff. Using the plan as our mutual guide, we'll assist you in going through the steps to launching your new store. Because we're following an agreed to plan designed especially for you, there should be no negative surprises. You can feel confident that each step will happen on-time, on-budget, and per-plan.