Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a millionaire & supply financial information to be considered?

You will have to show some financial stability, but we don't ding you because you don't have offshore banking accounts and a house in the Hamptons. Most of our franchise partners are middle class individuals with a strong drive to own their own business. The two most important qualities to us in a franchise partner are a strong drive to succeed and the willingness to devote the time it takes to build and grow a successful business.

What kind of contract will I have to sign?

Before you sign anything, we want you to be very comfortable with our Franchise Agreement. While it's a very straightforward document that spells things in understandable terms, we'd recommend that you run it by a lawyer - just for your own protection. So you know, our franchise agreement is for a 10-year term, with 3 renewable 5-year options.

Can you ballpark what my total investment might be?

Ballpark, yes. An exact figure at this time, no. That's because there are a number of variables that go into figuring your total investment. The most crucial of those is the cost per square foot of your potential location. A sit-down store - either free standing or in a strip center - will range from 1,200 to 3,000 square feet. Depending on the number of feet and the cost per square foot, your cost could be between $99,000 and $241,000.

What kind of corporation runs Snappy Tomato Pizza?

We're a family run business privately held business. We do things on a more personal basis and because we're not a big corporation with a lot of bureaucracy, we're able to be fast and nimble on your behalf.

How long does it take to get started?

With many franchise organizations there's a waiting period - could be three months, could be six. We hit the ground running the day your franchise agreement is signed. Part of our process is developing a timeline that works for you and gets your store open as soon as possible..

Do I have to buy my own food ingredients?

Yes, you'll buy them from an approved Snappy Tomato distributor. Snappy Tomato negotiates all contracts for our ingredients for our franchisees. By negotiating on your behalf, we're able to lock in the best food cost possible. We also work closely with the food distributors and manufacturers to ensure quality and consistency.

What menu items do you offer besides pizza?

Besides a variety of different pizzas, we also offer appetizers, pasta, wings, hoagies, salads, desserts, and drinks. There's something for everybody on the Snappy menu.