Open For Business: How to Keep Your Pizzeria Going in the COVID-19 Era

Because of our many patrons that supported us through the COVID-19 pandemic, Snappy Tomato Pizzerias are still here and still making our delicious, award-winning pizza for you.  Snappy Tomato Pizza’s ability to weather the pandemic was the focus of the latest issue of PMQ magazine, where Marketing Director Andy Ritter was asked to discuss how the company is coping.

"You should have a COVID-19 plan in place, should any team members or managers become exposed or feel ill. Don’t wait until it happens—plan ahead so you don’t have to shut your doors. You can’t do anything without your staff—they are the most important part of your operation.

Continue to improve and streamline curbside service. Add it as a service type on your online ordering platform so guests can choose the option of never leaving their vehicle. In addition, install prepaid carryout areas so guests that choose a carryout option don’t have to come in contact with team members. These are both great ways to limit contact, practice social distancing and keep areas [in the pizzeria] from becoming crowded.

Stay the course, and do not stop advertising. Use digital media. This is the time to advertise in Google Search, social media and SMS messaging. Offer random rewards and surprise loyal customers and former customers that have fallen off the radar with free pizza. Offer a dollar back on a gift card for every $10 spent. This could encourage repeat purchases. Use social media as an outlet and have your employees make video snippets thanking customers. Get your employees to share their stories and stress how important this job is to them and how much they appreciate their customers. Include a handwritten note from the manager to longtime customers who are in this fight with you."

Andy Ritter
Director of Marketing
Snappy Tomato Pizza
Burlington, KY

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