Cicadas, Babies, and Pizza, Oh My!

With the return of Brood X Cicadas to much of the Midwest and east coast, we at Snappy Tomato Pizza would brush off our old jingle for Snappy Cicada Pizza. As a means of celebrating return of the cicadas and we wanted to share some exciting partnership news too:

It’s been 17 years since Cincinnati last saw the Brood X cicadas, and there’s no doubt that their return has caused a lot of “buzz” around the Tristate! The Christ Hospital wanted to do something to commemorate this wild and rare time and we can’t think of a better partner to help us than Cincinnati’s own Snappy Tomato Pizza. Remember that jingle from the 80s? While there was never an actual Snappy Cicada Pizza, Snappy still brushes it off just for fun every cicada resurgence!

This time around, The Christ Hospital and Snappy Tomato Pizza are teaming up to start a new tradition. To help welcome newborns and cicadas, each baby born at both The Christ Hospital Mt. Auburn and Liberty Township locations over the next few weeks will receive a free, limited-edition, “All the Buzz” onesie! Parents will also get a coupon for a free pizza (cicadas, unfortunately, not included) and Snappy swag generously donated by Snappy Tomato Pizza!

How FUN is this and check out the adorable little one!

Snappy Tomato Pizza and The Christ Hospital Birthing Centers Cincinnati Celebrate the Return of the Cicadas with BABIES! – Press Release

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