Refund Policy

Snappy Tomato Pizza strives to provide the very best in food quality and customer service. If however you feel we fell short of our goal and feel a refund is in order, please review the following policy.

For the quickest resolution concerning a refund request, contact the store directly. If you need further assistance, submit a comment. Please know that this option will take longer to process. If you choose it, please be sure to fill out the information as accurately and completely as possible.

Please DO NOT include your credit card information on any electronic correspondence with Snappy Tomato Pizza.

If a refund is granted and a credit card is involved, the store will ask [via telephone call] for the credit card number on which the order was placed. Rules governing credit card use that are in place for your saftey prevent us from storing credit card information. This is why we must ask for your credit card information when processing a refund.